2-3 Years Old

We believe that every child is unique and is a competent learner from birth. They all have the innate ability to learn to be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.

In Pre-Nursery, our focus is on creating a harmonious environment where children of different cultural backgrounds and different languages can learn to accommodate and accept each other within the diversity of their backgrounds.

We offer bilingual classes (English and Mandarin) or English only classes.

Curriculum, Early Foundations

Developmental objectives are reinforced through fun and engaging, age-appropriate activities. Stories, songs, movement, and art allow children to build skills and con dence, while providing time for child-directed play. Your child can explore and discover at his or her own pace, as well as practice social skills such as cooperation, sharing and taking-turns.

A Supportive And Caring Environment

It is crucial to us that all children feel safe and supported which, in turn, benefits their learning and development. Children learn to be confident and independent with support and love from teachers and parents.

An Interactive Learning Approach

Children develop and learn in different ways at their own pace. We consider all areas of learning and development to be equally important and interconnected. A child’s day will be filled with encouragement and exposure to creative, fun and challenging activities.

Children are encouraged to discover the world through interactive play, arts and crafts, music and movement as well as sensory exploration.

Activities are thoughtfully designed to explore skills in all developmental areas that are adapted to suit each child’s individual learning style.