3-6 Years old

At Discovery Mind Kindergarten, we offer families and children the best possible start in life. We follow the British Curriculum by delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. The EYFS framework is a child centred curriculum. It approaches early years learning as a holistic, integrated focus on children’s creative expression, physical and communication skills as well as emotional and social development. Learning is carefully structured yet allows for exploratory, child- initiated experiences.

The Principles of EYFS

EYFS & Areas of Learning and Development

International Section

EYFS curriculum with a thematic learn through play approach.

Bilingual Section

Our curriculum is modelled on the EYFS curriculum and is modified to include English and Mandarin. Learn through play thematic approach.

Bilingual Programmes

At Discovery Mind, we have dual language Pre- Nursery and Kindergarten classes as well as our International classes.

All children, regardless of their language background, learn English and Mandarin in an immersive setting, with two teachers in class at all times; one native English speaker and one native Mandarin speaker. These are not language lessons. Instead, the content is taught in either one language or the other. For example, maths may be taught in Chinese and Art may be taught in English or vice versa. The Bilingual teaching programme comprises knowledge, skills and attitudes which form the basis of a child’s balanced development. Children learn basic skills and concepts, while developing positive values and attitudes within the learning environment and beyond. Our comprehensive teaching programme incorporates intellectual, physical, social and ethical aspects, preparing them to explore the world.