6-11 Yrs

Our class sizes are small and our teachers are highly specialised, enabling us to get to know each and every child closely. Our ‘family’ environment enables us to focus on individual needs and ensure that all students are given the opportunity to learn in a way that best suits them. We provide personalised instruction that delivers a broad and balanced curriculum at the level, and in the manner, best suited to each student.

We believe that all students should be excited about learning, feel confident in the skills they acquire and be a part of a community where their individual strengths are celebrated, their challenges supported and they are equipped to lead successful lives in a global world.

Our Education is future focused and we strongly believe in developing the essential skills of;

Discovery Mind Primary School Strands

Opportunities to develop these skills exist across the curriculum and through extra curricular activities.

In all that we do our 5 key aims remain at the forefront of our minds:

  1. To foster a positive, caring environment, which promotes self esteem, self confidence and self discipline
  2. To provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum for all which promotes high standards of learning
  3. To equip children with the skills needed to lead successful lives in a global world
  4. To establish an effective partnership between school, home and the community
  5. To create a ‘Happy School’ where individuals can flourish in different ways

At Discovery Mind Primary School, we follow and use the Cambridge International Curriculum. Our school based curriculum develops 21st-century learners, global thinkers and is designed to meet the diverse needs of all our students.  This structured approach enables our students to achieve high standards in reading, writing and Mathematics.

In addition, we use a Project-Based learning approach incorporating Geography, History, Science, Art, Design & Technology.  This approach helps our students to communicate, collaborate, create, and think critically.  Subjects like Wellbeing, Music and Physical Education are further enhanced through these Project-Based learning programmes.

At DMPS, we offer daily Mandarin lessons.  Our programme is designed to develop functional language that can be used in real life situations.  Our specialist teachers use a school based curriculum which is underpinned by the Mandarin Matrix.   This online platform is specifically designed for students learning Mandarin as a foreign language. 

Our Mandarin programme is based on a pedagogically strong foundation, using the continuous learning cycle, which is an engaging method of supporting native and international students in reading, writing, listening and speaking.



We further offer a wide range of extracurricular activities and learning outside the classroom experiences. These allow students to explore interests, develop their talents, challenge themselves with something new and build friendships. ECAs bring students together across the school and promote valuable social opportunities.

At DMPS, we  believe in the development of children’s knowledge, skills and understanding which can be enhanced by opportunities  beyond the classroom. We believe that trips and outings can make learning engaging, purposeful and relevant.  

Students from Year 2 to Year 6 will participate in day/overnight camps to facilitate independence, problem solving and leadership development.

Throughout the Year we have regular special events which involve the whole school community e.g. ‘School and Family Picnic Day, International Day’ and ‘Book Week’ etc. These further promote learning and encourage the direct involvement of our families.

We have built strong relationships with secondary schools in Hong Kong and our children successfully transition from Year 6 at Discovery Mind Primary School to Year 7 in top schools including:

  • Invictus Secondary School
  • English Schools Foundation – Discovery College
  • Discovery Bay International School
  • YMCA Christian College of Hong Kong
  • Christian Alliance International School
  • Delia School of Canada
  • Korean International School
  • Independent Schools Foundation Academy

As a child enters Year 4, we begin to meet parents to discuss options and support families until a place in Year 7 is secured.