Our school

In the ever increasingly complicated landscape of international schools in Hong Kong, we are a community based, family orientated, inclusive school fostering a positive and caring environment to grow confident, self motivated learners.

We have developed a balanced and relevant school based curriculum largely based on the Cambridge International Curriculum with a strong emphasis on Mandarin.

we commit to

  • Nuture minds that are creative, confident, analytical and caring.
  • Create a positive, caring learning environment for all children; we call them “thinkers”
  • Embrace our vibrant and diverse community and encourage about thinkers to express their individuality confidently.
  • Support the emotional wellbeing of our thinkers, we believe this is paramount to their individual success
  • Provide a relevant and engaging curriculum to support our thinkers to successfully transition to top primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong and abroad.

A Child's Balanced and Positive Mind

We believe the emotional wellbeing and safety of our thinkers is paramount to their individual success.

From playgroup to primary, pastoral care is embedded in all we do. Our teachers as mentors look after every aspect of a child’s wellbeing.

Our Approach To Inclusion

We ensure that each child progresses at their own pace through differentiation, intervention and support programs, involving children and parents in feedback and target setting, regular assessment opportunities, plus extension or acceleration for our more able learners. We foster an optimal learning environment with small classes, high teacher to student ratio, opportunities for independent, peer and group work and work that is customised at the right level and pace for each individual, unique child.