Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Summer Holiday starts from 2nd July 2019 to 16th August 2019. School will resume on 19th August 2019. 


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Thank you for your interest in our school, Discovery Mind.

We are an International school in Hong Kong that has been educating children for 20 years. We provide a through train education from 15 months to 11 years old and are now serving 700 pupils with over 30 nationalities.  We offer exciting learning experiences in our play centres, kindergartens and primary levels at four different campuses in Discovery Bay and Tung Chung, Hong Kong.

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Summer School July 2019

Summer School 2 July to 19 July 2019

Are you looking for a summer programme that is fun and academically challenging at the same time, where you can develop skills and meet new friends from around the world.

 We provide fun classes that build self esteem, further develop social skills and ensure learning opportunities continue throughout the holiday.

 Primary Preparation (Year 2, Age 6)

This course is for kindergarten graduates who will be starting Primary School after the summer. It is also suitable for those children who have completed their first year at Primary who would benefit from skills being consolidated. It provides a boost to skills, confidence and independence through lots of fun games, drama and activities in a primary school setting.

Through engaging and fun activities, students will develop their understanding of the following: read and spell high frequency words; use of capital letters and simple punctuation; basic sentence structure; speaking clearly during presentations; basic number skills and vocabulary development through a range of creative projects.

Multi Activity Camp, MAC (Year 3 – 6, Age 7 - 11)

Our Multi Activity Camp gives students a variety of challenges to keep their mind and body fit through the Summer break. Each week different activities are included in MAC to ensure variety and challenge. In MAC we try to include a balance of creativity, academic and physical activities with a focus on positive participation and enriched learning experiences. Registering kids for Multi Activity is a great way to ensure that there is no ‘summer slide’ over the long 8 week holiday break. Taught by a team of experienced and qualified educators, students will be immersed in an environment where they will build confidence, make new friends and keep physically and mentally active.

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